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Work in the Right-of-Way Permits

What is a Work in the Right-of-Way Permit and when do I need one?

What is City right-of-way?

How much does a permit cost?

Who applies?

What paperwork is required to apply?

What are the insurance requirements?

How long does it take?

Once I've got my permit, is there anything else I need?

1.What is a Work in the Right-of-Way and when do I need one?

A "Work in the Right-of-Way" permit is required whenever work will be done in the City of Longmont right-of-way. Work includes constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, moving, improving, removing, excavating, converting, or demolishing any public improvements or common facilities. This permit lets the City know what work is being done and provides a way for the City to monitor and inspect the work.

Permits will be issued and staff assistance will be available during the following times:
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Any questions, please call Len Marques at (303)651-8757.

2. What is City Right-of-Way?

Right-of-Way is property controlled by the City for the use of the public as a way for traffic to travel. Traffic can mean vehicles or pedestrians. The right-of-way is the street, sidewalk, curb and gutter, or alley. Note that the right-of-way is not just the paved portion but the entire width from private property line to private property line.

3. How much does a permit cost?

Permit Fee - $10.00

Initial Plan Review:
60 Minute Maximum - $25.00
Additional Plan Review - $25.00/hour

Construction Inspection:
Three Inspections per Permit - $30.00
Additional Inspections - $25.00/hour

Most permits will cost $40.00. Additional inspections and/or plan review may require an additional $25 fee.

4. Who Applies?

Normally, the contractor performing the work applies for the permit. It is possible for a contractor to apply for a permit for work to be performed by subcontractors, this can minimize the number of permits required for large projects involving many subcontractors. All contractors, including City departments, applying for the permit must have the required paperwork.

5. What paperwork is required to apply?

Approved "Work in the Right-of-Way" permit
Approved traffic control plan, if required
Current liability insurance with the City of Longmont listed as an "additional insured"

The Public Works Division will issue the applicant the Work in the Right-of-Way Permit. Along with the permit, the applicant shall supply a reasonably accurate drawing/plan showing the location and nature of the work to be done, along with any supporting documents, that will make the permit self explanatory.

A traffic control plan meeting City requirements must be supplied if there is an encroachment on a street and/or sidewalk right-of-way due to construction or other activity, as listed above, that may cause vehicles or pedestrians to deviate from their normal path. The proposed traffic control plan normally is presented to the Public Works Division at the same time the "Work in the Right-of-Way" permit is requested. A 24-hour minimum processing time is needed for Public Works staff to review and approve permits and traffic control. For less complex permits, the permit may be issued at the time of application.

To save processing time, completed traffic control plans may be faxed in advance for review and approval to (303)651-8696 attention Len Marques. Please include contractor name, barriecade company name, phone numbers, location, type and limits of work, and estimated dates for beginning and ending construction activity. The width of the streets involved, traffic lanes, size and location of the work areas with distance from the curb, distance to intersection, and the proposed traffic control devises should also be noted.

Current liability insurance is also required. The insurance must stay current for the duration of the permit. Requirements follow.

6. What are the insurance requirements?

The certificate of insurance must be issued to the City of Longmont Public Works Division for approval before a "Work in the Right-of-Way" permit is issued. The amounts of insurance follow:

Commercial General Liability Limits: $150,000/person and $600,000/occurrence
Automobile Liability Limits: $150,000/person and $600,000/occurrence

The certificate of insurance shall explicitly name the City of Longmont Public Works Division as additional insured with the following address referenced:

City of Longmont
Public Works Division
408 Third Avenue
Longmont, CO 80501

7. How long does it take?

If there is current liability insurance on file with the City of Longmont Public Works Division, the City may require a 24-hour processing time for all permits. Filing of any more complex applications could take up to five working days with typical permits approved at the time of application. For state utility or Use of Streets Permits within the City limits, please allow a 2-4 week turn around time.

There are two items which could cause delays in permit approval:

Insurance documents which do not conform to the requirements listed above.
Failure to provide an adequate traffic control plan.

8. Once I've got the permit, is there anything else?

For more information/detailed drawings, the City of Longmont Design Standards and Construction Specifications are available on this website. A hard copy and/or a CD is available for purchase at the City of Longmont Public Works Division.

The contractor should contact the Public Works' inspector noted on the permit a day before beginning any work. If there are any questions regarding City requirements, please contact the Public Works' inspector. No excavation work shall commence until the Utility Notification Center has been notified and utilities are located.

Utility Notification Center (Call Before You Dig) (800)922-1987
Longmont Power and Communication (303)651-8469
Water/Wastewater (303)651-8468
Storm Drainage (303)651-8416
Parks and Open Space (303)651-8446

At the conclusion of the work, the inspector should be called for a final inspection. Please allow a 24-hour notice.

Permit applications for private infrastructure (i.e. underdrain systems or fiber optics) will require both a Work in the Right-of-Way permit and Use of Streets Permit. A Use of Streets Permit may require additional review time, fees, and added requirements.

If right-of-way work is to be done on a state highway, a State Highway Access/Utility Permit must be obtained from the Colorado Department of Transportation at (970)353-1232 prior to applying for a City of Longmont Work in Right-of-Way Permit.


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Updated 2/7/12