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Use of Streets Permits


A "Use of Streets" permit is required when a private utility (not City owned), such as fiber optic lines or under drain systems, is proposed for installation.

Permit Instructions

Permittee or owner of infrastructure will submit a cover letter and proposed plans detailing the scope of work to this office. Nine copies will be required for plan review.

Plans should detail all requirements as shown within municipal code 13.37.125 "Use of Streets", specifically listing ALL existing utilities on the proposed plans.

After plans have been submitted to public works, they will be routed to the appropriate departments for plan review.

Plans will be routed with a standard 10 working day review time.

Any comments during the review will be returned to the Public Works Division and forwarded to the contractor. All comments that are received prior to or during the 10 day review will be forward to the contractor to address the comments as soon as possible.

After all comments (if any) have been addressed the permittee will then be eligible for the "Use of Streets" application from the Public Works office.

Public Works will then issue a "Use of Streets" application with any attachments and permit fees.

After the "Use of Streets" permit has been obtained and signed by the owner of the infrastructure, a second permit titled "Work in Right-of-Way" permit is then issued to the contractor doing the actual work in the right-of-way. The "Work in Right-of-Way" permit does require the contractor doing the work to submit to Public Works, a certificate of liability insurance listing the City of Longmont as additionally insured. The contractor will also be required to have a traffic control plan available if work impedes vehicular traffic or disrupts pedestrian traffic.

Only after both the "Use of Streets" application and "Work in the Right-of-Way" permit have been issued and approved, will work be authorized to start.

The following documentation below is available in PDF file format. Download the FREE Acrobat Reader to view this file.

The "Use of Streets" Permit Application may be downloaded, filled out, and submitted to the City of Longmont, Public Works Division.

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Updated 2/7/12