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Concrete Repair, Street Improvements, & Maintenance

If you see a damaged sidewalk, curb and gutter, crosspan, and/or curb ramp, and think it should be replaced, please fill out the on-line form and a City representative will evaluate the condition of the concrete and, if it meets the criteria, will develop a repair schedule.

To report a problem or request a repair, complete the on-line concrete repair form.


Through the Concrete Force Account and the Concrete Rehabilitation Program, the City of Longmont maintains and repairs various concrete items (sidewalks, curb and gutter, crosspans, and curb ramps) on over 300 miles of streets throughout Longmont. To prioritize and evaluate the severity of concrete repairs, the City has adopted a Concrete Rating Manual, which establishes a systematic procedure to assess the condition of the concrete. (The manual is available in PDF file format. Download the FREE Acrobat Reader to view these file types.)

The Concrete Rating Manual provides a numerical rating to the concrete on a scale of one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best. The Concrete Force Account is primarily responsible for the severely damaged concrete (rating 1 or 2); whereas, the Concrete Rehabilitation Program primarily replaces concrete with moderate damage (rating 3 or 4).

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Updated 2/8/12

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