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Transportation System Managment (TSM)

In conjunction with the Transportation Advisory Board, this program develops and prioritizes safety and capacity projects to improve the transportation system. Project development includes identifying needed improvements, public contact, design and construction management. Types of TSM projects include: installation of traffic signals, school safety improvements, railroad crossing protection, installation of missing sidewalk sections, intersection improvements, projects to advance the use of alternative modes of transportation, neighborhood traffic mitigation and installation of ADA curb ramps.

In conjunction with the TSM program is the placement of two radar speed trailers. The trailers are used to help increase speed awareness for residential/collector streets. If you have concerns about speeding on a street, contact Public Works Engineering and the street will be added to a waiting list. The radar speed trailers are typically placed at a location for 4-5 days. The trailers are also used to increase speed awareness through school zones.

Also included in the TSM Program are the RTD Ecopass and Guaranteed Ride Home Program. These programs work in conjunction with each other to encourage City employees to use alternative modes of transportation by providing free use of the bus system. The Guaranteed Ride Home Program is an extension of the Ecopass program and allows the use of a taxi service in the event of an emergency. These programs have been very well received and have reduced the amount of trips driven in single-occupant vehicles.

The major components for the TSM program include:

Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program      


The Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program works with concerned citizens to develop strategies that address traffic concerns on local or collector streets.

Public Works & Natural Resources

Updated February 8, 2012