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Rules of the Road - Remember to follow these safety tips to avoid pedestrian or automobile conflicts:

Stop at all stop signs and red lights. Set a good example by putting your foot down on the pavement to indicate a complete stop.

Yield to pedestrians at all times. This includes when you cross the crosswalk. When passing a pedestrian you must give them an audible signal - a bell or by calling out "passing."

Do not ride on sidewalks in business or commercial areas.

Be careful when riding across intersections from paths or sidewalks. Motorists do not expect you! Do not assume that you can go through the intersection because you have the green light! The safest thing to do is slow down considerably and look for cars before leaving the curb.

Ride responsibly. If you drive your car safely, why not be sure to do so on your bike?

Equip your bike correctly. Headlights and red rear reflectors are required if riding after sunset.

When riding on paths or sidewalks, be aware of pedestrians. Slow down; stop if necessary. Let them know that you are passing.

When riding in the street, be aware that many motorists are not used to driving around cyclists. Some of them honk because they are afraid of hitting you. In this situation, be courteous. Gestures and name calling are inappropriate. Instead, wave and smile.

Wear your helmet! Head injuries are devastating and wearing a helmet can prevent head injuries.

Be aware of changing road conditions. A little rain can make a BIG difference in the slickness of a road surface.

Keep your bike well-tuned.

Encourage new cyclists to ride safely. Show them safe routes and teach them how to make riding a weekly or daily habit rather than an annual tradition.

Safe Bicycling!

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Updated 5/24/10