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Bicycling is an environmentally friendly alternative transportation option. Whether you are out for a leisurely ride or you are commuting to work, the City of Longmont strives to provide a safe and convenient method of transportation. If you have any suggestions to improve bicycling within Longmont, please contact us at:

City of Longmont

Public Works & Natural Resources
385 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 651-8304

FAX (303) 651-8352
E-mail address:


Longmont Bike Map 2011


Download the Longmont Bike Map 2011

Please call (303) 651-8304 and request a free copy or drop us a line via email at and we'll send one out to you. The maps are also available from local bike shops.

Download the Bike Guidelines, laws and tipsBicycling Public Forum - A monthly meeting is held to discuss various topics relating to the safety and public access of bicycle riding in Longmont. The group has been very active in presenting to the city various enhancements and problems that are seen through the eyes of avid riders. This is a nonprofit group that diligently works towards a uniform and useful bicycle transportation network in and around Longmont. More information is available by visiting

Bicycle Striping - Each year, the City stripes various streets for on-street bike lanes. Streets within the City of Longmont limits are reviewed annually and streets needing repair work are also looked at to determine if bike lanes are feasible within the existing infrastructure.

Street/Sidewalk Repair Form - Select appropriate form to report a pothole or a damaged section of sidewalk.


BikeLinks 36 - The BikeLinks 36 interactive bike map provides regional information on bicycling facilities for Longmont, Boulder, Boulder County, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Arvada and Westminster.

Rules of the Road - Remember to follow these safety tips to avoid pedestrian or automobile conflicts.

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Updated 11/12/13