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Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Projects, Transportation, Public Works Division

Alpine Street, Sunlight Drive , and E. 21st Avenue - The streets on which traffic calming has been installed include Alpine Street from 17th Avenue to E. 21st Avenue, Sunlight Drive from Alpine Street to Lashley Street, and E. 21st Avenue slightly east of Sunlight Drive. The neighborhood approved the installation of the project on a temporary six-month basis during which time the City is monitoring its effectiveness. A second vote will occur in the Summer, 2007 to determine whether the residents in the neighborhood would like the project to remain in place permanently.

Alpine Street Proposal

Sunlight Drive

E. 21st Avenue

Deerwood Drive between E. Mountain View Avenue and 17 th Avenue - This Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program process was initiated by neighborhood residents primarily due to concerns over the safety of children that attend Fall River Elementary School and also due to pervasive speeding on the part of motorists that regularly use Deerwood Drive. In order to address these concerns, City staff, in collaboration with residents from the neighborhood, developed a traffic calming proposal that the neighborhood will approve or reject through a neighborhood vote. The neighborhood voted to install the project on a temporary six-month basis and construction is anticipated to occur sometime in 2007. Links to the conceptual drawings of the proposal follow:

Garden Acres Park Neighborhood - The Garden Acres Park traffic mitigation proposal encompasses Spencer Street from 17th Avenue to 21st Avenue , 18th Avenue from Spencer Street to Sumner Street , and Sumner Street from 17th Avenue to 19th Avenue. City staff and neighborhood residents worked collaboratively to create the proposal and it was designed to address specific problems addressed by the residents. The neighborhood residents approved the installation of the project on a temporary six-month trial basis and the project has subsequently been installed during which time the City is monitoring its effectiveness.

18th Avenue Proposal

Spencer Street Proposal

Sumner Street Proposal

East Mountain View Neighborhood - The project's primary purpose is to discourage illegal side-by-side street racing which occurred on a regular basis. The neighborhood voted on and approved installing the project on a permanent basis.

East 4th Avenue - The E. 4th Avenue neighborhood project limits extend from Lashley Street on the west end to Alpine Street on the east.  At the two entrances to the neighborhood, small islands are proposed in order to slow automobiles as they are turning into the neighborhood and two 22’ speed tables are proposed at strategic locations to mitigate the speeds within the neighborhood.  Should the residents approve of the project through a mail-in vote, project construction would be anticipated for sometime in calendar year 2008.

Great Western Drive - In advance of the construction of the Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart to the east of the Mill Village/Riverbend neighborhood, the City held a neighborhood meeting to collect recommendations from the residents with regard to the development of a traffic mitigation proposal for Great Western Drive between Sugar Bin Court and Weld County Road 1.  Subsequently, the City held an open house to present the proposal to the neighborhood that was developed with input from residents.

Five devices are proposed for the Great Western Drive traffic mitigation proposal.  They are:

Sample Devices (pdf 956 kb)

A vote took place between May 15 and June 15, 2007.  The neighborhood approved the installation of the project.

Wedgwood Avenue - Wedgwood Avenue is a local neighborhood street that connects Harvard Street to Hover Street.  Concerned over speeding and cut-through traffic, neighborhood residents initiated the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program and worked with City staff to develop a traffic calming proposal.  An open house was held on June 21st to present the proposal to the neighborhood in advance of a vote.  Ballots were mailed out to the residents on Friday, June 29th.  A simple majority of the ballots received determines whether the project is constructed.  All ballots must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, July 18 in order to be considered valid. 

The project is comprised of five devices:

Example photos of the proposed devices for Wedgwood Avenue

Updated 1/25/12