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Downtown Alley Improvement Project Update, PW&NR

Due to concerns regarding the holiday shopping season and weather, the project start has been postponed until March of 2012. City staff and the LDDA are working to finalize the budget and intend to award the contract in January 2012. After the contract is awarded and before the start of construction, the City and LDDA will host a public meeting to inform residents, business and property owners of the expected construction sequence and schedule.

City staff, LDDA and AIPP have finalized a contract with the artist for relocating Los Arcos de Longmont. The art pieces on the east side are scheduled to be moved early February and will be relocated to the new location in the parking areas toward the end of the construction project.

At this time, the consultants have completed a 30% design plan set. The west alleys pose different opportunities based on the property ownership and the building configurations and city staff would like to meet with specific property Owners in January 2012 to discuss design options. These property owners will be contacted separately starting in January. Completion of the plans is anticipated in late summer 2012 with construction following in the fall.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Project Manager, Chris Huffer, at 303-651-8351 or


Updated December 22, 2011

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