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Left Hand Creek Channel Project InformationDowntown Alley Improvement Project Overview, PW&NR

Over the years, many projects have been undertaken in the downtown area to improve the economic vitality and the pedestrian experience.  Recently within the city as well as across the country, downtown alleys have been identified as potential areas to further develop multi-modal transportation as well as provide new business opportunities for downtown properties.  In the core of downtown Longmont, the majority of the parking areas are located in the blocks east and west of Main Street which necessitates visitors walking through the alleys to reach Main Street.  The alleys currently exist as utilitarian corridors with over head electric lines, storage for trash receptacles and access for delivery vehicles.  This area creates an inadvertent barrier for customers to reach Main Street as well as the cross neighborhood pedestrian traffic.  

To address these issues the Public Works & Natural Resources Department in coordination with the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) is underway with a Capital Improvement Project to improve the downtown alleys.  This project will focus on the six alley segments located between 3rd Avenue and 6th Avenue on either side of Main Street.  It is the intent of the City and the LDDA to gather information from the businesses and property owners as well as the general public to initiate the design of each alley segment.  The project will address drainage issues, utilities, alley pavement within the 20 feet wide alley right-of-way.  The process will also provide ideas and concepts for building façade improvements and other possibilities to be pursued by property owners in the future.

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Chris Huffer, Project Manager, Public Works & Natural Resources Division, at (303) 651-8351 or by e-mail at

Aerial view of Downtown Longmont and the alleyways.








Updated December 22, 2011

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