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Food Service Industry and Recycling Used Cooking Oil

When businesses disregard sewer regulations and improperly dispose of fat, oil and grease to drain, sewer lines can become clogged causing sewage to backup into homes, businesses or the environment.

Proper Disposal Of Used Cooking Oil

Never discharge cooking oil down the drain. It will cause blockages and is a violation of Chapter 14.08 of the Municipal Code.

Small amounts of fats, oil and grease may be placed in a sealed container for disposal to the trash.

Larger amounts of deep fryer oil can be recycled. Recyclers servicing the Longmont area will use the oil to make various products like biodiesal or animal feed.

  • Because the oil is reused, please ensure that the collection container is closed so that debris and rain do not fall into it.
  • Keep the area around the collection container clean to avoid vermin. Clean up all spills immediately.
  • Protect the storm sewers near any outside storage area. It is a violation of Chapter 14.26 of the Municipal Code to allow trash, spills, oil, etc. to enter or threaten any storm sewer inlet or waterbody.

IP Program


501 East 1st Avenue

Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: 303-651-8667

or email


Longmont's Grease Problem

GI requirements

List of Local Recyclers

Questions to ask Recyclers


Please call recyclers directly for current rates and schedules. List updated 3/15/2013.


(produces biodiesel fuel used by Boulder County)

7209 Valtec Court

Boulder, CO 80301

phone: (303) 444-8495

Darling International

PO Box 16372

Denver, CO 80216

phone: (303) 295-7551

Environmental Planet Recycling, Inc.

5171 Emerson Street

Denver, CO 80216

phone: (303) 783-7040

Jerry & Sons Restaurant Grease Recycling

1321 W. 71st Place

Denver, CO 80221

phone: (303) 429-6423

Platte Valley Pet Food

PO Box 1020

Scottsbluff, NE 69363

phone: 1 (800) 553-9760


8820 West 116th Circle, Unit B

Broomfield, CO 80021

phone: (303) 544-1500

fax: (303) 544-1502


BUSINESSES LISTED AS THOSE SERVICING THE LONGMONT AREA- Business listed in the above are provided for your convenience. Inclusion or omission of any business in no way implies endorsement or rejection by the City of Longmont or the Industrial Pretreatment Program. Any business servicing Longmont interceptors (or fryer oil recycling) may call 303-651-8667 to be included.

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  1. Fees
    1. How much does the service costs?
    2. How will the billing be completed?
  2. Containers
    1. What is the size?
    2. How often is the container replaced?
    3. Are there any special requirements for placement?
  3. Schedule
    1. Do you have to schedule a pick up or does the recycler pick up as needed?
  4. Recycling
    1. What is the final product?
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This page was updated August 16, 2013
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