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Wastewater Discharge Permits

Types of Permits Currently Issued by the City

Discharge Permits

- allows industries to discharge regulated wastes to the sanitary sewer; this permit has requirements for sampling and reporting.

Zero Discharge Permits

- does not allow regulated wastes to be discharged to the sanitary sewer; this permit has minimal reporting requirements. This is most often used for categorical industrial users (CIUs) that are required to obtain a wastewater discharge permit, but produce small amounts of regulated wastes that can be disposed of by other means and not the sanitary sewer.

Permits are for three years and cannot be transferred. In the case were a business is to be sold or moved to another location, contact the IP Program. Find other Region 8 pretreatment programs on-line.


Annual Fees:

Permitted Flow (GPD)

Fee $






Application Fees:

Permit Type

Fee $



Zero Discharge

Surcharge fees, water and wastewater rates and fees also available on-line.

More information on calculating high strength BOD, TSS and TKN surcharges available on-line.

Dischargers also pay for all City compliance sample collection and analyses.

CDPHE annual fees also apply to discharge permits.

Reporting Requirements

Industrial Wastewater Classification Survey

Survey (pdf) to be submitted whenever there is a significant change to the volume or character of the discharge, pretreatment process, waste handling or business activities.Or, whenever the City requires submission. Failure to submit an updated survey is a violation of the Code section 14.08.325. Fact sheet on how to fill out a survey is available on-line.

Permit Applications and Associated Reporting Requirements

New Permits - contact the IP Program for more information.

Application and Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR)

90-Day Compliance Report

Renewal of Existing Permits - the application will be sent to you 2 months in advance of the expiration date.

Closure Management Plans (CMP) - submitted when a permit is to be deactivated.

Reporting Compliance

Self Monitoring Report (SMR)- The report you use to submit compliance sample results. The report is provided with the permit. Fact Sheet on how to fill out a self monitoring report is available online.

Mass Loading Calculations- in some permits, the limitation is in mass loadings (lbs/day) rather than concentration (mg/L). To convert the concentration reported by the lab to the mass loading, use this formula:

lbs/day = (mg/L x flow, gallons/day x 8.34 lbs/gallon)/1,000,000

Compliance Schedule Reports - due within 14 days of any date detailed in a compliance schedule or administrative order.

Reporting Violations

Report Violations within 24 hours of becoming aware of it.

5 Day Report for accidental discharges or spill and upset condition

Fact Sheet on how to report exceptions is available online.

Fact Sheet on how to avoid SNC for chronic and TRC violations is available online.

Report discharge of hazardous wastes

Record Keeping Requirements

Please refer to 40 CFR 403.12 (o). 40 CFR 403 on-line

Signatory Official

Please refer to definition in 40 CFR 403.12 (l). 40 CFR 403 on-line


Best Management Practices

BMPs are written plans submitted to the IP Program to fulfill requirements of the wastewater discharge permit. BMPs are referenced in the permit and failure to meet the BMP is a significant noncompliance subject to enforcement actions.

Waste Management Plan (WMP)

Toxic Organic Management Plan (TOMP)

IP Program

501 East 1st Avenue

Longmont, CO 80501

Phone (303) 651-8667

or email


All Emergencies - 911

Violations, call

IP Program (303) 651-8667

In the event of a slug discharge, call

IP Program (303) 651-8667
WWTP (303) 651-8382

For sewer problems or spills entering the street or storm drain,

Utility Operations (303)651-8468
See List of Other Numbers

Municipal Code

Newsletter 2013

40 CFR 136 on-line

40 CFR 403 on-line

EPA Region 8


CDPHE- Haz Waste



Application-New Permits


How to:

Avoid SNC

Calc. Surcharge

Fill Out SMR

Fill Out Survey

Report Exceptions





Compliance Schedules

Permit Closure Plan

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