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Power Washing

In the past, power washing wastes were allowed to flow into storm drains. Federal, State and local regulations prevent most of these types of discharges.

Storm drains discharge directly to the St. Vrain River.

General Information


Contaminated water may not be discharged in any manner that would allow an illegal or threatened discharge to a storm sewer. Storm sewers drain directly to the St. Vrain River without treatment.

Soaps and cleaning chemicals may remove other pollutants from the equipment. For example, acids may leach heavy metals from metallic surfaces. Or, the equipment may be leaking fuel, oil, lubricants or antifreeze. Pressurized water may remove paint chips. This potential contamination could pollute our St. Vrain River is why we have adopted strict discharge policies.

If any soaps (including biodegradable) or chemicals are used to clean the equipment, the wastewater must be collected for proper disposal to the on-site sanitary sewer (with permission from the City of Longmont and the site owner).

Or, the wastes may be transported to another POTW or waste treatment facility with proper certification/permits.


Stormwater Quality Program

501 East 1st Avenue

Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: (303) 651-8667

or email


Municipal Code 14.08 & 14.26

Prohibitions- sanitary sewer

Prohibitions- storm sewer

Proper Disposal of Wastes

Special Permits

Hauled Wastes

HTE Cleaning Operations

Minimal Industrial Discharge


Proper Disposal of Wastes to the Sanitary Sewer

Wastewater is captured using berms and collected for disposal. More information is available on Boulder County's PACE website about Best Management Practices for waste collection. The storm sewer is protected from any discharge of wastes.

Wastewater may be discharged to the City Sanitary Sewer if:

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The City of Longmont does not offer permits at this time.

To obtain permission to discharge to the sanitary sewer, contact the IP Program.

Letter of authorization is offered for HTE Cleaning Operations to fulfill requirements of State stormwater permits.

Letter of autorization is offered for Minimal Industrial Discharge Operations to fulfill requirements of State stormwater permits.

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Hauled Wastes

Hauled wastes are wastes collected in tank or some other container and moved off site. The City of Longmont Municipal Code prohibits the discharge of hauled wastes to the sanitary sewer. There are no discharge facilities at the WWTP for these types of discharges. It is illegal to discharge hauled wastes to any City of Longmont manhole or storm sewer.

Hauled wastes may be collected and discharged to a different POTW or Centralized Waste Treatment Center with proper certification/permits. There are no Waste Treatment Centers in Longmont at this time.

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