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Before You Dig - Locates


Prior to doing digging of any sort on your property, you must call to get "locates" of the various utilities that are underground. Failure to do this could lead to breaking an underground utility line which could cause outages, restoration costs, and physical injury or death.

At least 48 hours before you intend to dig, you must call both these numbers:

1 (800) 922-1987 Utility Notification Center

(303) 774-4884 City of Longmont Central Locating Services

When calling for locates, please have the following information ready:

After I call, then what?

Within two business days, representatives from the various utilities will come to your property and mark the location of the underground lines with colored paint (see below to see what the colors represent). If access is an issue, such as a dog in the yard, locked gate, etc, the locater will contact the number listed on the request to make arrangements. Please be sure to allow at least two business days before any work is to be started.

What do the colors mean?

Electric (red)
Gas (yellow)
Communications -- cable TV, phone, fibre optics (orange)
Water (blue)
Irrigation (purple)
Sanitary (green)

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This page was updated April 18, 2014