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Scoop The Poop

Pet waste is full of bacteria, parasites and viruses that can make wildlife and people sick! One average-size dog dropping contains 3 billion coliform bacteria. Multiply that by the fact that 40% of households have a dog and you can see how the poo-llution really "piles" up!

If you don't "Scoop The Poop", what do you think happens to all of the dog waste our pets leave behind?

When pet waste is left on the ground, especially near streets and sidewalks, rain, snowmelt and your sprinklers wash it into storm drains and drainage ditches. This water, called runoff, does not get treated by the local wastewater plant. It flows directly to our streams, rivers and lakes.

Pet owners can improve water quality simply by picking up after their pets and throwing the waste away in the trash!

Murphy looks handsome in his royal blue bandanna.Free Bandanna for Your Pup

Send me an email at stating that you will commit to"Scoop the Poop" and I'll send you a free Bandanna for your pup. Please specify color (wine, gold, royal blue or light pink).

"As a responsible dog owner, I hereby pledge to always clean up after my dog(s) and to properly dispose of their waste in a trash to keep our waterways clean."

Check back soon for the opportunity to share a photo of your pup wearing a bandanna.


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This page was updated August 19, 2013
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