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Stormwater Quality Program


Stormwater Quality Program

1100 S. Sherman Street

Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: (303) 651-8376

or email:

The Storm Drainage System does not include any treatment system. So, any litter, sediment or pollution on the ground has a potential of getting washed into the storm drain and into the river. Illegal discharges to the storm drainage system are also a serious problem.


For emergencies, always dial 911.

For non-emergencies during regular business hours, call PWWU- Utility Operations - (303) 651-8468 or Fire Dept HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - (303) 651-8833/(303) 591-9002

For non-emergencies during nights & weekends, call DISPATCH - (303) 651-8501.

For discharges not in Longmont, call Boulder County 303-441-1564 or

Colorado Dept. of Public Health Spill Hotline at 1-877-518-5608.

Illegal and Potential Discharges

The storm drainage system is designed to accept only storm water and snow melt. But, pollution has the ability to enter storm drains, too.

The Municipal Code chapter 14.26 details the prohibited substances that cannot enter the storm drainage system.

An Illegal Discharge is any prohibited substance that leaves the property.

A Potential Discharge is any prohibited substance that has a potential to become an illegal discharge. For example, a leaking dumpster or a bucket of motor oil left in a parking lot.

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Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Blockages of the sanitary sewer cause raw sewage to back up into house and streets. If it enters the street, it can enter the storm drain and the St. Vrain River.

One of the biggest problems in Longmont is excessive grease in the sanitary sewer. Grease builds up in pipes and causes blockages and overflows. Find out more about Longmont's grease problem and obtain a free Fat Trapper.

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Stormwater Quality Program