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Water Meter Maintenance Program


The City of Longmont’s Utility Operations & Maintenance team conducts an annual maintenance program to replace water meters in homes on a 10 to 15 year cycle to ensure they are accurate. Replacement meters are now read by wireless technology, and meters are replaced at no cost to the property owner.

When a meter that is located inside a home is due to be replaced, a Utility Operations and Maintenance employee will place a tag on the front door to notify the resident. The door tag requests that the resident contact Utility Operations and Maintenance at (303) 651-8468 to make an appointment to have the meter replaced. If the meter is located in a pit outside of the home, technicians will knock on the door before they begin work to let the resident know who they are and why they are working on their property.

Property owners have the option to move a meter that is located inside their home to an outside pit for a reduced fee. The City’s Utility Operations and Maintenance group can be contacted for process and cost information for meter relocations. If a homeowner does not know where the water meter is located, they can call (303) 651-8468 for assistance in locating the meter.

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This page updated December 19, 2013
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