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Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

The City of Longmont Public Works and Natural Resources is pleased to present the annual Water Quality Report which provides information about Longmont's drinking water and the results of the thousands of tests we performed on the water during the year.

We hope this report answers any questions you may have about your drinking water.

View the Water Quality online

Download the Water Quality Report pdf

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Quick Links

Water Supply

Drinking Water Treatment

Water Conservation Program

More information available

Colorado Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) (303) 692-3592

EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline


EPA Drinking Water and Lead Contamination

Natural Resources Defense Council- for testing bottled water

Contact Information

Questions or comments about the report:

Water Resources & Environmental Technical Services

1100 S. Sherman Street

Longmont, Colorado 80501

(303) 651-8376

Taste/Odor complaints:

Water Quality Lab

501 East 1st Avenue

Longmont, Colorado 80501

(303) 651-8666

To report other water related problems:

Utility Operations

1251 S. Bowen

Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 651-8376


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