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During construction of the new Headworks Facility (see below), a temporary odor control system will be in place but increased odors could occur due to interruptions in treatment processes.


Headworks Improvements Project (2012-2013)

Construction of a new Headworks building is set to begin in the fall of 2012. The Headworks Building is the first step of the wastewater treatment process. As raw wastewater enters the plant influent, large debris is removed by screens and smaller debris is removed by grit basins. This debris is removed to prevent damage to downstream equipment (pumps, valves, etc.). The debris is processed by grinders and washers before it is discharged to a dumpster.

The existing Headworks building was constructed in 1976 and much of the equipment, HVAC and electrical systems have reached their design life expectancy. An engineering consultant determined that the best approach to resolving reliability, maintenance, and hydraulics issues with the existing Headworks facility would be to construct a new facility.

Odor Control Improvements (2012-2013)

New odor control treatment will be constructed to replace the existing Headworks odor treatment. The new Headworks odor treatment will have a more robust treatment media that will require replacement every ten years instead of the current media replacement schedule of every two to three years. The new odor treatment will also have better technology associated with it to monitor its performance and help with troubleshooting any issues.

During the construction project, the new Headworks will be constructed where the existing Headworks odor treatment sits and will require the existing odor treatment to be demolished first. A temporary installation of a skid-mounted odor control system to treat odorous air from the existing Headworks facility will be maintained and operated. The existing Headworks facility will remain in operation with the temporary odor treatment until the new Headworks building and new Headworks odor treatment is on-line. There is the possibility of some odors during startup of the temporary system and during short periods when the temporary media needs replacement. These occurrences will be kept to a minimum through proper operation and maintenance of the temporary system.


General Information



Located at 501 East 1st Avenue, the wastewater treatment plant is currently rated to treat up to 17 million gallons per day (MGD). It incorporates primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes to remove organic and inorganic constituents found in wastewater. Treated plant effluent is discharged to the St. Vrain Creek at an average daily flow of approximately 8.0 MGD.

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Wastewater Rate Schedule

Municipal Code 14.08.640: Metered residential, multifamily, small commercial and large commercial customers pay a monthly service charge plus a volume charge based on 1,000 gallons of water used as follows. Current rate information available on-line.

Municipal Code 14.08.655 Surcharge rate applicable to commercial accounts for excessive BOD, TSS & TKN. Current surcharge rates available on-line.

For other fees, review the Municipal Code - available on-line:

Municipal Code 14.08.675 Administrative fees applicable to commercial and industrial businesses are listed for Industrial Pretreament Program implementation.

Municipal Code 14.08.680 Private disposal system permit and inspection fee according to section 14.08.240 due upon filing of permit application.

Municipal Code 14.08.685 Building sewer permit and inspection fee according to section 14.08.250 due upon filing of permit application.

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The Longmont Wastewater Plant is located at 501 East 1st Ave.
Plant Phone Number- (303) 651-8382

Directions from Main Street/HWY 287 in Longmont

If heading North on Main St: Make a right turn at 1st Ave (just before the train tracks & before entering downtown Longmont). Follow 1st Ave to the Stop sign at Martin St. Make a left turn onto Martin St and just before the train tracks is a sign on the right for the Wastewater Plant. Make a right turn at E. 1st Ave.

If heading South on Main St: Make a left turn at 1st Ave (just after the train tracks & after passing through downtown Longmont). Follow 1st Ave to the Stop sign at Martin St. Make a left turn onto Martin St and just before the train tracks is a sign on the right for the Wastewater Plant. Make a right turn at E. 1st Ave.

Directions from Ken Pratt Blvd/HWY 119 in Longmont

From Ken Pratt Blvd take Martin St. north turning right on E. 1st Ave right before the train tracks.

Once on E. 1st Ave

Follow the road down making a right turn at the first gate. Follow the road in until a left turn is possible. The tan building with a dark brown awning (inset photo) is the Administration Building where interviews will be conducted.

Directions to Longmont's Wastewater Treatment Plant


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