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Longmont Classic Grass Doubles Volleyball Tournament

All good things come to an end, and 2013 was the final Longmont Classic Grass Doubles Volleyball Tournament under the umbrella of Longmont Recreation Services. Rest assured that the tournament will continue in with the dates of July 12 & 13, 2014, with a new group. Check out their website for more information and how to register!

Results for Saturday, June 22, 2012

22 juniors teams and 49 adult teams competed on Saturday.

Juniors 16 & under (out of 18 teams):

1st: Elizabeth Potter/Alexa Jayne
2nd: Makaela Armstead/ Marie Montante
3rd: Sy Phansaiyasack/Bradley Schindler
4th: Karlee Garland/Madison Fisher

Juniors 18 & under (out of 4 teams)

1st: Meghan Richard/ Katie Hanson

2nd: Kathrine Bernal/Cori Powell2013 Longmont Classic Double Grass Volleyball Tournament Participant T-shirt logo

3rd: Bella Greer/ Joelle Birkhart

4th: Lesley Bui/Renee Plomondon

Women’s B (out of 11 teams):

1st: Cindy Lopez/Calie Noriyuki

2nd: Michelle Snyder/Cindy Mullen

3rd: Kaitlyn Noriyuki/Christine Manzanares

4th: Kori Watts/Maya Willis-Tindall

Women’s BB (out of 11 teams):

1st: Gracie Peterson/ Lindsay Long

2nd: Keri Eichinger/Liz Akin

3rd: Mayoura Phannadeth/Amber Morlan

4th: Cindy Minch/Taylor Minch

Women’s A (out of 4 teams):

1st: Kari Basey/Nola Basey

2nd: Kim Cullian/Kendra Cullian
3rd tie: Kylee Hoagland/ Amanda Gunlikson and Kathy Schell/Jenell Henning

Men’s B (out of 4 teams):

1st: Eric Ghequiere/Josh Funderburg

2nd: Ken Funderburg/Matt Funderburg

3rd: Chuck Cullian/Dave Root

Men’s BB (out of 15 teams):

1st: Jon McLemore/Adam Soliz

2nd: Scott Farina/Nate Trinastich

3rd: Joe Belzer/Aaron Belzer

Men’s A (out of 4 teams):

1st: Mike DeJager/Dan Bonkoski

2nd: Loenel Montes,Jr/ Joel Marolf

3rd tie: Jeff Fisher/Brady Fisher and Alika McGuire/Scott Clarke

Results for Sunday, June 23, 2013

32 junior teams and 42 coed teams competed in the all-day event on Sunday.

Juniors 12 & under (out of 10 teams):

1st: Brody Pinto/Denali Pinto

2nd: Isabel Quire/Abby Herbert

3rd tie: Taylor Maguire/Annika Wetterstrom and Cicely Kirschling/Rachel Priola

Juniors 14 & under (out of 22 teams):

1st: Olivia Storaci/Jensen Walker

2nd: Nikki Sefcif/Lauren Swartz

3rd: Rylee Anderson/MacKenzie Fidelak

4th: Sydney Blackburn/Courtney Smoljan

Coed B (out of 15 teams):

1st: Morgan Bowles/Shane Wagner

2nd: Jayce Tappy/Anna Kindvall

3rd: Tobin Blythe/Kori Watts

Coed BB (out of 19 teams):

1st: Meagan Keen/Lars Basey

2nd: Kaley Symalla/Jon McLemore

3rd tie: Aaron Belzer/Ali Belzer and Jessa Megenhardt/Shane Hart

Coed A (out of 8 teams):

1st: Ryan Werner/Linsey Barta

2nd: Mason Johnson/Kaitlind Bestgen

3rd: Leonel Montes,Jr/ Elizabeth Potter

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