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Fireball Run

The FIREBALL RUN starting flag featuring Longmont,CO

Thank you, Longmont, for joining us for the nationally broadcasting streaming event for the FIREBALL RUN® on Sunday, September 22, 2013.

As part of the festivities, Longmont Recreation hosted a Mascot Race, in which four local mascots competed in a short half-block race with the winner determined by who was able to pull in the most supporters. The event was such a great success and so much FUN, that each mascot received 50 one-time visits to the Longmont Recreation Center for their organization.

A HUGE thank you to Grease Monkey, Dairy Queen, Tutor Doctor, and the Silver Creek High School Cheerleaders for participating! While the race itself was not live streamed, please check out the Longmont episode at

The mascots that participated in the Fireball RunŽ mascot race as part of the kick-off on Main Street in Longmont, CO