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CARA Swim Teams, Longmont Recreation Services

Longmont Recreation Services offers CARA Swim Teams for youth ages 6 to 18 years at three different sites throughout the year: Centennial Tsunamis CARA, Longmont Recreation Center Piranhas CARA, and Summer only for the Sunset Pool Swordfish. CARA swimming is a recreational swim team for youths ages 6-18 who are not USA swimmers.

Please register for the age group that your child will be on the first day of practice.

Swimmers will compete according to their age on January 1, 2013.

Pre-Requisite for 6-10 and 11-14 age groups: Ability to swim one length of pool front crawl with rotary breathing and back crawl without stopping or using assistance.

Pre-Requisite for 11- 18 group: Knowledge of all 4 competitive strokes and swim 400 yards freestyle with rotary breathing.

All participants will be evaluated on the first day of practice. See related programs of interest.


Visit L-Trac for CARA Swim Team registration information.


Centennial Pool CARA: The Tsunamis

Tsunamis CARA Swim Team Practice at Centennial PoolLongmont Recreation Services' Centennial Pool's CARA swim team, the Tsunamis, is a year-round CARA swim team. Centennial CARA Tsunamis practices are held year-round on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


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Longmont Recreation Center CARA: The Piranhas

The Piranha CARA swim team practices at the Longmont Recreation Center pool.Recreation Services' Longmont Recreation Center's CARA swim team, the Piranhas, is a year-round CARA swim team. Longmont Recreation Center CARA Piranhas practice on Monday and Wednesday late afternoons.





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Sunset Pool CARA: The SwordfishSwimmers with the Swordfish CARA swim team housed at Sunset Pool during the summer months.

Longmont Recreation Services' Sunset CARA swim team, the Swordfish, is a summer-only CARA swim team. Sunset CARA Swordfish practice weekday mornings at Sunset Pool.



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Related Programs of Interest

New & Improved!! Blast Accelerated Swim Lessons
Blast is the City’s own accelerated swim lesson program, designed to get kids ready for swim team. Kids ages 5 & up will develop swimming skills and techniques for the 4 competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Newly expanded to four technique based levels that progress swimmers from the basics—getting comfortable in the water, blowing bubbles and floating—to a solid foundation in the 4 competitive swim strokes.

Beginning Blast: Stroke Preparation • 5 years & up • Lessons are 40 min
Introduces students to water and learning to swim in a fun, safe environment. Students will learn basic water skills including rhythmic breathing, floating, gliding, kicking and rolling over from front to back.

Blast 1: Freestyle • 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: 10 bobs; front & back float w/out help; front & back glide w/out help
Students will learn freestyle by developing good body position, stroke, flutter kick and bilateral breathing technique. Students will continue to work on swimming basics, including rhythmic breathing, streamline glides and flutter kick, and begin learning backstroke.

Blast 2: Backstroke • 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: 20 bobs; front & back streamline glides w/flutter kick; swim 15 yds freestyle w/good bilateral breathing
Students will focus on developing backstroke technique, including body roll, strong, consistent flutter kick, and stroke timing. Continue to refine freestyle, developing catch & body roll, improving timing and bilateral breathing. Students will become accustomed to deep water and begin work on starts.

Blast 3: Butterfly & Breaststroke
• 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: swim 25yds freestyle w/good technique; 15 yds backstroke; 15 yds breaststroke kick
Students will learn breaststroke and butterfly; focusing on stroke breakdown and timing. Continue refining freestyle & backstroke, improving stroke technique and endurance. Flip turns introduced.


Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons may be scheduled, depending on instructor availability. Requests for private lessons may be made directly to an instructor, or by adding to the Private Swim Lesson Wait List. Register online or call (303) 651-8406 to be added to the Private Swim Lesson Waitlist. Wait List requests will be answered in order of request and instructor availability match. Private Fee: $20 resident/ $25 non-resident per ½ hour lesson. Semi-Private Fee: (2+) $30 resident /$37.50 non-resident per ½ hour lesson.

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