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RSS Feed for the City of Longmont

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RSS/XML FeedXML/RSS Feed - Click to subscribe, copy the URL path, add it to your RSS Feed.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It is a format for sending news out through a process called syndication, which is similar to that method currently provided on many news-type sites. It's not just for news, because any type of information can be provided in this manner, since it helps the visitor to keep up to date with information on a particular page of a web site. It's designed to share headlines or orther web content.

How does it work?

 An XML page is created and a link is provided to access the link, which contains the content that is being syndicated or disseminated.

RSS Aggregators

In order to view the RSS page from a website, you would first need to obtain a software program (often referred to as an RSS Aggregator or Newsreader) that can go out and get the XML documents and display the RSS document in an Internet Browser format.

Once the RSS program is installed, you can then subscribe to many different XML Feeds and let the program go out and check the web site feeds for changes or updates.

How do I find an RSS Aggregator?

There are too many to mention here or even begin to keep up with, so we suggest that you search for "RSS Feed Readers" through a search engine like There are several different types of programs (tools to read RSS Feeds) that you could use.

There are some email programs that can handle RSS feeds (ex. Thunderbird), there are Browser based plug-ins or extensions (ex. Firefox) or self contained applications to install (ex. Feedreader) or another way for you to read feeds would be through a Web-based solution (ex. Some programs are free, some charge a fee, so be sure to read the fine print on the software before installing it.

Why would you want to Subscribe?

RSS is fast and sometimes easier than receiving updates in your email inbox, it doesn't clog your inbox with emails. It doesn't require you to revisit websites that you're interested in, instead the information comes to you when you want it.

RSS/XML FeedXML/RSS Feed - Click to subscribe, copy the URL path, add it to your RSS Feed.