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Agenda Senior Citizens Advisory Board, Senior Services

10am - Noon
September 1st , 2010

If you have report, please consider writing it out and bringing it to the meeting or better yet, email to Marietta before the meeting.

I. Call Meeting to order

a. Roll Call

II. Minutes of the August meeting

a. Additions/corrections/changes to the minutes

III. Additions/corrections/changes to the agenda

IV. Old Business

a. Outreach tools – Sue and Michele ( 30 minutes)
b. Guest editorial update - Julie
c. 2011 budget update
d. Holiday open house
e. Joint meeting in Dec. with Friends update – Fay

V. New Business

VI. Reports -Keep these brief. (30 minutes)

a. Supervisor( & LiveWell) Michele Waite
b. City Council Liaison Alex Sammoury
c. Multicultural Liaison Marietta Gonzales (possibly Rose/Miguel)
d. Area Agency on Aging Marietta Gonzales – Arlene will report
e. Friends: Fay Reynolds (Miguel is alternate)
f. Longmont Area Economic Council Fay Reynolds
g. Housing (TRG) Mori Glidewell


2010 Goals:

1. To work with staff to enhance the greeting elements by making follow up calls to Get Acquainted participants and addressing new day trip goers.
2. To assist staff with Marketing especially of the GO.
3. To assist staff in identifying what data should be collected and suggesting or assisting in collection efforts
4. To continue safety information items in the GO with at least one educational activity in conjunction with another activity.
5. To consider art show with the middle schools
6. To conduct 2 open houses for outreach purposes
7. To outreach to senior residences utilizing senior singers, band, etc. (1st qtr Mori did Cinnamon and Marietta did Applewood)
8. To participate in both a city and county plan update process
9. To explore options with the Friends to increase donations