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Friends of the Longmont Senior Center, Inc.

Friends of the Longmont Senior CenterThe Board Members of the Friends diligently manage donations in support of numerous Senior Center programs. Notable are “Senior Activity Scholarships,” the “Cultural Enrichment" and  “Last Resort” programs. 

These activities help enhance the quality of life for seniors enjoying programs offered through our Longmont Senior Center. Donor recognition is accomplished with the “Donor Book” and “Commemorative Art Works.”

Please visit the Friends website at


2013 Board of Directors

Wilma Cocannouer, President

Michael Bellmont, Secretary

Randy Ahlberg, Vice-President

Nancy Beaudrot

Joe Busacca

Polly Buster, Treasurer

Chris Caron, Co-Treasurer

Ron Cheney

Ed Evans

Jim Nason

Bob Schineller

Michele Waite, Staff liaison

Fay Reynolds , Advisory Board liaison


Download the Friends Brochure (675 kb)