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The document you have selected has been saved in a file format known as the Adobe Acrobat PDF (pdf stands for "portable document format").  To view this document it requires you, the user, to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your computer so that your Internet Browser can view this document, which you need to do only once.


If you have downloaded a prior version of the Acrobat Reader, (versions 2.0 or 3.0)  you will need Version 4.0 or later to read many of our documents.   If you get an error when trying to bring up a PDF file, open up the Adobe Acrobat Reader program and look at the version number on the opening screen to see the version number.  If you have an older version on your system, you should uninstall the older version before trying to install the new version.  Check your "Add/Remove Programs" feature in your systems "settings - control panel" area to remove the older version.

Important: You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher on your system to view any file with the *.PDF extension prior to viewing these files. DOWNLOAD the Adobe Acrobat Plug-in from Adobe's website.

Adobe offers several methods for visually impaired users to convert Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files for use with screen reading programs.

For the Visually Disabled: Convert an Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file to HTML, simply visit Adobe's website and type a URL for an Adobe PDF document into their electronic form and select Get This Adobe PDF Document as HTML. The Adobe PDF document will be converted on-the-fly to HTML, and will be returned to you immediately in your browser application.

Saveas.GIF (7031 bytes)How to Download Adobe Acrobat Files

(Download the Acrobat Reader) getacro.gif (712 bytes)

  1. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat program loaded on your system and you download a file with the *.pdf extension, you will get an error indicating that your system does not recognize this file (*.pdf) type.  You will need to go the Adobe Acrobat Website by clicking on the above button.  Follow the steps as indicated on their website to download this program.  Once you have downloaded the program, close all programs open, log off of the internet and go to the folder where you have saved the program and double click on it.  It will begin to install some set up files and prompt you to follow the installation procedures.

  1. Follow the installation procedures as suggested.  Once the installation is complete, you can then log back on to our site and download the *.pdf file you are interested in and be able to view it 'off-line' or 'on-line' by using this Acrobat Reader.

    file_save.gif (15717 bytes)

  2. To download, click on the "DOWNLOAD" Button on their page. You will then have a "FILE DOWNLOAD" window pop up prompting you to save this program to your disk.  Choose this option and click on "OKAY".

  1. The next window "SAVE AS" will prompt you to locate a place on your computer where you want the file to be saved.  Locate a directory where you will remember where you have placed this file, for example in "My Documents".  Write down the name of the file being downloaded, for example "ar405eng.exe" so you will remember what that file is called.

  2. Click on "SAVE" and the downloading process will begin. Download times will vary depending upon the speed of your Internet connection at the time of download.
    file_save1.gif (13207 bytes)

  3. When the downloading process is complete, find the file on your system and "double click" on it.  This will then begin the installation process.