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The Navigation SystemTips for Navigating this Site, Web Site Support

The City of Longmont website is quite a large site and we have worked very hard to organize our information in different ways so that you will be able to find the information you need.

Still having problems? Please report any problems to us, we would appreciate your feedback.

Navigation Tools on our Web Site:

The image to the right shows our major navigation bars and tools to help you find information on our site.



Navigation ButtonsButtons, Navigation Bars, & Links: We have designed our buttons and our links throughout our site to have a similar "look and feel" throughout each page. We hope that this will provide you with an easier to understand navigational system and one that you can use easily as you navigate different areas of our site.

Major Buttons on our site look like the image to the left. When you first enter a major section of our site, they will appear as "grey" buttons and when you select one of them, the will turn to a "darker blue" and more links will appear below them.

General hyperlinks will appear on pages the first time you visit the page as words that are blue and underlined. When you return, the links that you previously have visited, will now appear Red and underlined to show that you have visited that link before. When you move your mouse over a prospective link, your mouse pointer will turn from an arrow to a "hand" to indicate that this is a link. This is an example of a word that is hyperlinked to another page (it is not designed to take you anywhere).

The Top Navigation Bar - This area is repeated on every page throughout our site and is located just below our top main image and provides you with links to find many links to other areas directly.

Top Navigation Bar

The City Government link can take you quickly to many sections from any page on our site as well. Just click on the words "City Government" and a drop down menu will appear with more links. Using your mouse, you can then select from one of these links and click again to go to that page.

City Government LinksThe Side Navigation - This navigation bar expands when you click on it to provide you with a variety of links to choose from. This menu will also look different depending upon where you are within our website. Different pages have different menu items and it can change as you move through our site. There is a consistent section of the Side Navigation Bar to help you access our site search feature, a form to place a Request for Service & Suggestions, or another way to access other major areas of our site through our sitemap.

Secondary Pages - Secondary pages provide you with more information on a particular subject, department, division, service or program. Once you have moved to a new section, the links provided under the main buttons can offer you many new choices to take you to another part of our website. Be sure to read the menu choices carefully. Image of a secondary page

Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs is a technical term for the way a web designer may choose to show the visitor which page they are on relevant to the rest of the website. For example: in the image to the right you can see that the system can show you where you are located in relation to the the Home page. The phrase "Home --> About Longmont, City of Longmont, Colorado" is the breadcrumb.

The Short Cut - This drop down menu is located on several pages throughout our site to provide you with a quick way to access other pages. Just click on the little down arrow and highlight a department or service to take you to more information.

City Logo Links - Did you know that you can return to the City's Homepage from any page on our website by clicking on the City's Seal at the top of our pages?

Bottom Navigation - Several major links are also repeated at the bottom of every page.

The Site Map - Our Site Map is a helpful page that lists the contents of each major area or part of our site broken down into categories.

Site Search - This Search Tool allows you to enter a word or combination of words and search our entire website for pages that are relevant to your interest. You will receive a "results" page which will highlight the word or words you were looking for within the pages the search engine found. To get the best results, be sure to try different search terms. (Example: Trash, Recycling, solid waste, refuse.)

Still having problems? Please report any problems to us, we would appreciate your feedback.