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Leadership Group & Baby Think It Over, Children and Youth Resources Division


Children and Youth Resources Division

Abriendo Puertas Leadership Group for teens, ages 14-19, or 8th - 12th Grade. Practice teamwork and communication skills through field trips, summer activities and having a great time! Celebrate Latino Heritage & Culture and the activities are chosen by group members. Great for resumes or college applications. Bilingual (English/Spanish). Contact Olga Bermudez at 303-774-3760 or email


Baby Think It Over

You can experience many of the same responsibilities as the parent of a new infant. We have infant simulators that we use to work with youth in order to promote making healthy choices. Baby makes many sounds: a coo, cry, fuss, cough, burp and breathing. These sounds are recordings of a real infant. Just like real parents, you will not know when or how long Baby will need your attention. Baby may sometimes need you at inconvenient times, including when you are sleeping.

Please call Olga Bermudez at 303-774-3760 or email if you are interested in participating in this program.