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Community Problem Solving, GRIP (Gang Response and Intervention Program)


Children and Youth Resources Division

This area focuses on working with the community on issues that they have identified that relate to youth. Current focus areas are gang prevention and intervention and alcohol awareness. Services provided are the coordination of the community gang task force (GRIP), gang prevention and intervention classes for youth and their parents, and school-based alcohol awareness work.

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The Gang Response and Intervention Program (“GRIP”) is an inter-agency and community collaboration committed to creating and maintaining resources with a structure of support and acceptance which identifies risks and needs, provides early education and awareness as well as intervention and alternative for youth, parents, and the community, thereby achieving preventative proactive safety for the entire community.

GRIP recognizes and provides strength-based positive input at critical moments of intervention in the “full circle” of youths’ social development away from and back into the family, so that healthy generational patterns are created and supported.

The Gang intervention and prevention program focus on positive relationships, conflict resolution, self-esteem and personal responsibility have helped kids get out of gangs and get on track to a better way of life.

GRIP's services:


Warning Signs of Gang Involvement


What to do if your child is involved in a gang?

  • Ask for help to community agencies like Children and Youth Resources
  • Call and talk to the police for directions
  • Check their room for signs and symbols
  • Don't ignore your suspicions, know your child's friends
  • Talk to child about it
  • Talk to the teachers about any behavior change


Tattoo Removal Program

The program goal is to assist youth in rebuilding their future through positive lifestyle changes. One step is through laser removal of gang tattoos that are visible. Prior to acceptance to the tattoo removal program the youth must have completed the components of transitions that will take them from a gang-involved lifestyle to a contributing community member. Tattoo removal is one of the next necessary steps toward successful change and a reward for completing the rehabilitation process.



The Tattoo removal application form can be downloaded here



GRIP Referral Form


The GRIP referral form can be downloaded here


For more information, contact the GRIP Staff. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.:

Louie Lopez

GRIP Community Coordinator

Phone: 303-774-3756


Patricia Moreno

Gang Prevention & Intervention Specialist

Phone: 303-774-3754


Ben Ready

Gang Prevention & Intervention Specialist

Phone: 303-774-3755




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